9&10 out of 52 // new beginnings.







The last two weeks have been a blur! As Ellie’s birth day approaches, I am realizing that we are going to be full time parents very soon. Having one kid, especially one that naps as much as Fletcher does, is similar to standing with one foot in the ocean. Occasionally the tide will come in and you’ll be up to your knees, but for the most part, it’s a calm, inspiring experience with cool sea water, warm sands, and soft feet.

With two kids, I keep picturing our family’s snorkel trip in Hawaii. Fully immersed in the salty beauty that is the great ocean, treading water for fear of drowning, completely surrounded by something so enormous and glorious that one has to simply and quite literally, go with the very strong, very rampant, flow of the ocean.

I have huge chunks of hours during the day to be productive and organized. Even when Fletcher doesn’t take both naps. And we stay up a good three hours longer than Fletcher does, so we have time for us in the evenings. I keep picturing his nap times with little Ellie J, attached to my breast, constantly needing my love and kisses and attention and I, honestly, yearn for it.

For standing at the edge of the ocean, only our toes touching it, shows us nothing of the power that exists outside of ourselves as does being completely surround by the graceful and opinionated tide of the sea.

I’m ready to dive in this whole motherhood thing. (Ask me how I’m doing about two weeks after June 15th and I might be singing a different tune though…)

We also are in the process of selling what’s about to become “our ol’ Jeep” after buying our mom-car and we finally brought the last Suburban load from our theater apartment over to our real people, brand new, level floor 3-bedroom apartment. It’s just perfect for us and we are so blessed by the simple ways that God provides.

With spring rolling (slowly) around, it’s a time for renewal, for simplifying, evaluating, and reappraising our lives in every aspect and … It’s invigorating. I miss the motivation of springtime and my body actually functioning at full capacity so much. We are almost there. And every bit of the process is SO GOOD.